Saturday, August 29, 2009

Teddy Jr.'s Tribute

The last couple of days have reminded me so much of the outpouring of affection for Ronald Reagan when he died in 2004.

There were times during Reagan's memorials a little more than five years ago when I felt the mourners were laying it on a little thick. But I attributed it to the fact that I was not a Reagan supporter when he was alive and, I figured, well, let his admirers pay their tributes to his memory.

This time, of course, it has been for someone who was about as far from Reagan on the political spectrum as it seems possible to be — Ted Kennedy. And I am struck by the fact that these memorials always seem to have a single memorable moment.

Forty–one years ago, when Bobby Kennedy was assassinated, Ted Kennedy himself was responsible for the memorable moment at Bobby's funeral service in New York. And, without question, I think the most touching moment today was the speech given by Teddy Jr.

I've heard — and read — some speculation today that Teddy Jr. might be appointed to replace his father in the Senate. It isn't a bad idea, except that, logistically, it could present quite a problem. He lives in Connecticut. If a Kennedy is going to be appointed — or elected — to replace Teddy Sr., it isn't likely to be his namesake.

But he did give quite a speech this morning. If you haven't seen it, watch the attached clip.

I'll say no more.

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