Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Rhetorical Question

In earlier posts, I compared Barack Obama's campaign to Peter Sellers in "Being There," in which a cult forms around Sellers' character, a simple-minded gardener.

In today's Salon, Camille Paglia offers some metaphors of a similar nature.

Paglia observes, "[S]omehow we are locked at the hip to Hillary Clinton, who won't stop her manic tarantella until her party whirls into ruins, like the run-amuck carousel in Alfred Hitchcock's 'Strangers on a Train.'"

But that's not enough. The Obama-Clinton epic demands more than one take.

"It's what Hillary's campaigning has come to," Paglia writes after paying tribute (deservedly so) to a cartoon drawn by the Philadelphia Inquirer's Tony Auth that portrays Clinton as an Energizer bunny gone wild and spinning out of control on the carpet in Obama's Oval Office, "a monotonous exercise in showboating solipsism, like Shirley MacLaine as the geriatric mother in 'Postcards from the Edge,' hijacking her daughter's party and kicking up her heels to sing 'I'm Still Here!'"

I'd just like to ask my fellow film fanatics out there. Does the Democratic presidential campaign remind you of any movies, classic or otherwise? Are there any heroes -- or villains -- who spring to mind?

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