Monday, June 1, 2009

Can You Lend a Hand?

One of the authors of a blog I read fairly regularly posted a plea for help on Friday.

"Papamoka," who writes for the blog "Papamoka Straight Talk" (you can find a link to the blog in my blog list), told readers that he is facing serious financial hardship and needs assistance.

He tells a tale that is all too common these days. "I lost my job back in March of 2008 and unemployment ran out in March of 2009," he writes. "My lifetime savings ran out in the beginning of May and I'm up the creek without a paddle. ... I have no idea what is going to happen to us and I'm terrified. I'm so frustrated with myself, with my life, with everything that it is truly depressing. ... I've lost all respect for myself at this point in my life."

It seems to me that perhaps the worst part of this recession is the emotional toll it takes on its victims. People like Papamoka, who have worked hard all their lives and now find themselves without jobs, through no fault of their own, blame themselves. They feel robbed of their independence and their self–sufficiency. As a result, they lose their self–respect.

He's set up a PayPal donation button on the blog for people to make contributions. I'd like to help, but I'm in a similar bind. My unemployment hasn't run out, but I expect it to before long. I've been putting out job applications for months, but I've gotten few nibbles and no offers, and I expect to be forced to move in with my brother.

So all I can do is help spread the word and sympathize — and hope things turn around before something similar happens to me. Maybe someone who reads my blog will be able to contribute to Papamoka.

I wish I could do more, Papamoka. Perhaps one or more of my readers can.

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